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  1. Browning & Team Browning
    Official "Team BROWNING" Roster This is the official Team Browning roster of members below only. Please DO NOT request to join here, but on the sign up thread at this link~ Team Browning ~ membership sign-up here! Thanks all... #1 AZsparrow ~ Captain #00 BloodGroove4570 ~ Co-Captain #002 -...
  2. Browning & Team Browning
    *** Team BROWNING *** We've been given permission to start an official Team BROWNING for those interested; thanks Swany!. All that is required to become a member is that you have a Browning firearm of some kind, be it a BLR to a bolt action or anything in-between and you will qualify; we're...
  3. Bird Hunting
    I just took one of these in on trade and I absolutely love the way it feels! It is the 28" barrel, 3.5" Chamber, 12ga. I normally hunt with my Benelli Nova 12Ga but I think I am gonna want to try this thing out for Dove this year. Just curious to see if anyone else uses one...and their...
1-3 of 4 Results