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  1. 336
    Hello. New to the forums here. I have a 336y and was wondering if i were to buy the full length Forearm from Boyds would it fit on the 336Y? or would i have to have it cut down for it to fit right? i tried contacting them and they said they cannot do custom fitting so thats not an option. any...
  2. The Marlin XL7/XS7 Boltaction Centerfire Rifles
    Hello all, Just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the great info here. I've had a good ol' Marlin .22 for years but I just picked up an XS7 .308 Youth and cannot wait to get this puppy to the field. I am new to hunting in general and last year was using my mini 30 which was okay but by no...
  3. The Marlin XL7/XS7 Boltaction Centerfire Rifles
    For those of you who use the Model 70 mounts on your XL, can you tell me what you used for shims? I picked up my mounts this week and have a new scope due to arrive tomorrow. I'm anxious to get my first round through it this weekend and unless I can level out the mounts I may get out the...
  4. The Marlin XL7/XS7 Boltaction Centerfire Rifles
    So I go straight to the point ... I want to buy a new stock for my new XS7 and I'm undecided between this and that. My indecision comes from the fact that I would like to know which one is the heaviest. Can you help me? Thank! :wavey:
  5. Boyd's Gunstocks
    Save $15.00 on select colors for the Varmint Thumbhole Winchester 70 Short Action 2-Piece Floorplate Stocks... WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
1-5 of 7 Results