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boyd's stock

  1. 336 with Boyd’s stock/recoil pad?

    Hey everyone, new here, just upgraded my old .336 with a large loop lever and a Boyd’s stock before my brother and I take my 77 year old father on one of his last hunting trips. Can anyone recommend a good recoil pad that mates up well with the Boyd’s stock on a .336? Thx, Tim. P.s. the plunger...
  2. Question regarding Boyd's Thumbhole stock for M60

    Team 60
    I'm looking at a Boyd's varmint Thumbhole stock for my marlin 60, and I was wondering if it comes with swivel studs from the factory. I'm looking to mount a bipod to it. Does anyone have this particular stock on theirs? If so, any problems installing? Quality? Any other Boyd's stock that's a...