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boyd's riflestocks

  1. Question about Win. Mod 70 Scope Mounts

    The Marlin XL7/XS7 Boltaction Centerfire Rifles
    For those of you who use the Model 70 mounts on your XL, can you tell me what you used for shims? I picked up my mounts this week and have a new scope due to arrive tomorrow. I'm anxious to get my first round through it this weekend and unless I can level out the mounts I may get out the...
  2. Boyd's for 795's!

    Finally 795 owners no longer have to mod a Boyd's 60 stock to get happiness!! Boyd's now has several lines of 795 stock!! Original Replacement Stocks for Marlin Rifles Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!! Or as they say, about blooming time ;)
  3. Camp 9 & 45 stocks by Boyd's!!

    CAMP CARBINES 9 & 45
    Boyd's has come through for us Marlin Owners yet again!! Currently available in three colors!! Original Replacement Stocks for Marlin Rifles
  4. Boyds XT-22, a quick range report

    How's that for an eye catcher? I have to say, I'm really loving this little gun. This is my first Marlin, and my first bolt-action rimfire. The setup is pretty straight forward, an XT-22RZ in a Boyds stock, with a Mueller APT scope in Weaver "tactical" low rings, riding atop a DIP mount. After...