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  1. IMG_0532.JPG

    Pencil Test Lead hardness
  2. LEE #2.jpg

    Actually Lynman #2
  3. IMG_0341.JPG

    70 lbs...
  4. IMG_0339.JPG

    Stained Glass (Came
  5. IMG_0337.JPG

    Making my own 50/50 Bar solder
  6. Boolit Casting
    So I wan't gona call the guy, bug him, spook him, give him some time. I gave him all the info that I could find at the time. Then he calls me. Do you want any more brass, but these are different, no primers and they are Nickle. How much?? More than you gave me before. Definitely. But what I...
1-10 of 10 Results