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  1. Marlin Model 80 Age and Troubleshooting

    Marlin Collectors
    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum but have found it to be a tremendous resource. I recently was given a Marlin Model 80 by my Grandfather, and he said his Father got it second hand in the 50's. It is .22 S/LR/L and has neither serial numbers or micro-grooving. I have been told microgrooving...
  2. Model 82 Trigger Assembly

    Team Bolt Action Rimfire
    Is anyone able to explain how to reassemble the trigger group sear and springs on a Model 81Bolt action? I see the short one fits vertically behind in the slot, Where does the longer one belong?
  3. Help, please! Marlin XT22 TSR

    I just purchased my first rifle, the Marlin XT22 TSR. When I was cleaning it I noticed my cleaning rod catching slightly in the chamber. It seems to be catching on a wire that runs diagonally from the back left of the chamber towards the middle. I have circled it in red in the attached photo...
  4. Glenfield Model 25...Help me make it look cool.

    Team Bolt Action Rimfire
    Hi, I have a Glenfield Model 25 and I'd love to dress it up a little. I have a scope for it and it already functions great. My only complaint right now is I don't like the stock. Now nothing against a good wood stock just mine is a little dinged up and well I'd prefer something tactical or...
  5. Marlin Model 80 HELP!!!

    Team Bolt Action Rimfire
    Hey guys I've been searching the interwebs for information about my Marlin Model 80 with not much luck. It seems everyone has questions and knowledge about model 80e or 80dl or what have you, but none about just a plain model 80. What I want to know is which bolt goes on a model 80? I'm missing...
  6. Tough Bolt

    Hey guys I have a 1952 Marlin .22 model 81 and my bolt keeps on giving me a hard time. It works fine cocking it but once I go to slide it back into place to fire it, it takes a little more force. Ive tried to clean it with a steel brush and then lube it up real nice but it still insists on...
  7. Looking for help for a model 81 bolt replacement

    Repairing Your Guns
    I have an old model 81 , .22 cal bolt action with a tubular magazine. Anyone know where I can find a replacement complete bolt? The underside of the front part of the bolt is worn just enough were it will not push the plate down low enough to allow the next shell to come in. Its a family air...