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  1. Bipod options for XT-22R Synthetic Stock

    Team Bolt Action Rimfire
    Hello all, I am a proud new owner of the XT-22R. I have been looking in forums and on here and haven't come up with a ton of info. What bipod options are out there for the synthetic stock, and if I am willing to drill into it, anyone have experience doing so?
  2. Question regarding Boyd's Thumbhole stock for M60

    Team 60
    I'm looking at a Boyd's varmint Thumbhole stock for my marlin 60, and I was wondering if it comes with swivel studs from the factory. I'm looking to mount a bipod to it. Does anyone have this particular stock on theirs? If so, any problems installing? Quality? Any other Boyd's stock that's a...
  3. XT-22M Bipod mount on Sythetic stock

    Has anyone out there had any experience with mounting a swivel stud on the forend of a XT-22 synthetic stock? I am thinking that I could use a screw in swivel stud but I dont know if the stock is hollow or not. Does anyone know?