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  1. Hello from Wisconsin! New here.

    Welcome New Members
    I am new to your forum and still figuring out how to navigate. I live in Northern Wisconsin. I have a 44 rem mag marlin ( which i got my first deer with many years ago) and a 45-70 GG I just received as a gift from Dad. I am really excited about my new guide gun 45-70. I am interested in using...
  2. Porting For Bear

    The 45/70 Govt.
    As you can tell, I am relatively new to this site and to the 45/70 world. I originally purchased my 1895SS, both because the cartridge is incredibly versatile and because I hope to eventually take a black and/or brown bear with it. I grew up on the 12 gauge, so I consider recoil as nothing but...
  3. recoil sensitive bear defense

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    I know bear defense is a totally played out and still controversial topic. But I'm still gonna ask this question. I am planning a future trip through ak and my gf is kinda recoil shy. she is comfortable shooting my model 94 in 30-30 but that is about the most she feels she can handle. I know for...
  4. Alaskan Brown Bear with the 444 Marlin

    The 444 Marlin
    I have seen posts over the years that ask about the capabilities of the 444 marlin. I have heard lots of debate. I will give you some real life research and experience. I have used the 444 Marlin as my main hunting rifle in Alaska over the last several years. I have used it from black-tail deer...
  5. Reloading 45/70

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Greetings all, I am new to reloading, and trying to do some research. I currently own an 1895SBL, 18.5 barrel. I use the gun primarily for bear defense. Both Grizz's and black. I am curious what grain bullet you guys recommend for this purpose, as well as the powder. I likely wont be shooting...
  6. ?Hornady critical defense 45gr FTX or CCI maxi-mag HP's 40gr? (22 mag)

    Hogs...Hornady critical defense 45gr FTX or CCI maxi-mag HP's 40gr? (22 mag) Im going on the small game hunt here on our 2 WMA hunts. Im wanting to kill a Big hog. You can only use a remfire on these hunts! Which bullet is better and if i could have a comparison or a website to look at for the...