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  1. Ballistics

    Hi all, did some ballistics testing the other day and I thought Id share. I have the model 60 with the 22 inch barrel. I was using CCI 36g HP. They advertise a velocity of 1260FPS. When I choreographed mine I got an average of 1302FPS. I put this into my calculator and here are the results...
  2. Winchester vs Marlin Rifling

    This past weekend I went shooting with a friend. He has a 1990's Winchester 94 and I was using a 1948 336, both in 30-30 shooting Core-lokt 170gr. When I hit the steel (~150-170 yds) it made a loud ping and swung the target. When he hit it he knocked it off. Would this be caused by the...
  3. SIAP: Shooting Holes in Wounding Theories

    Found this site and have been perusing it the past few days. Finally decided that it was worthy to share - in a big way. The guy has done his testing and research - he appears to have a strong scientific background. Worth reading for those wanting to understand the ballistic aspects of...