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  1. 6.5 Grendel AR-15 Hand-Built w/ an emphasis on precision, balance and handling

    Ranger Point Precision
    Good morning MOF friends. As you know, Ranger Point Precision has a national reputation for building innovative and accurate custom Marlin lever-action rifles. But among our local Houston area clientele, we also have a sterling reputation for building precision rifles of other types, including...
  2. NEW: Marlin Papoose KeyMod Handguard & Accessory Mount

    Ranger Point Precision
    MOF Friends, Here's the new and improved V2 of our Marlin Papoose free float handguard that turns this lightweight, packable takedown rifle into a real "big boy toy!" Marlin Papoose KeyMod Handguard (only $115 and available online) Designed AR-15 style to replace the Marlin Papoose’s small...
  3. Young Shooter Explains Marlinitis

    Ranger Point Precision
    NOTE: Taylor Caruana joined the Ranger Point Precision team earlier this year. Our youngest member, Taylor has years of experience with firearms - both handguns and rifles. Now that he's spent some time shooting Marlin lever actions, he's got a new case of Marlinitis. Taylor hopes to be able to...
  4. First AR build: Advice opinions welcome

    Black Rifles
    So I picked up an Anderson arms stripped lower yesterday for $45 + tax. Been wanting an AR for awhile now and have really enjoyed the idea of building my own (since when I buy a new facotory gun I would mod it anyway). It's a .223/5.56 "multicaliber" receiver, my plans are for a .223/5.56 upper...
  5. Kel-tec su-16

    Black Rifles
    Any of y'all got one. Are they any good. Are they better than a mini 14.