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  1. Best ammo for a Beretta A303?

    I picked up an older Beretta A303 a few months ago (serial number dated to 1990 manufacture). Shot it a few times but we went to a trap range Sunday where I went through a couple hundred rounds with it. I used Federal 7 1/2 shot and Winchester 8 shot target loads. The Federal worked for the...
  2. Looking For Advice: Most Reliable Bulk Ammo For New Marlin 795

    Hi, all!! Hey, I'm a forum newbie. I just wanted everyone's advice on the BEST overall bulk-type(big box), ammo I should try in my new 795? I'm looking for reliability in feeding/firing, mostly. I know CCI is the best, but it's pricey. I also know that each rifle is different, and cleaning is...
  3. Walmart ammo on clearance...

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    Check your local Walmart if you haven't recently. Went by my store tonight just killing time and saw that most of the ammunition was on clearance. .270/7mm rem mag/.30-06/.308/.243/.25-06 & .30/30. Ended up getting about 160 rounds of .30/30 in the Federal Fusion 150gr, Winchester Deer Season XP...
  4. Good budget ammo?

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    What are your thoughts on cheap ammo online? Wolf, PPU? Fiocci? Are these ammos reliable, (if not for hunting than at least the range?) And what are your thoughts on steel case ammo? Seems to be a lot cheaper and I've seen some people say it's corrosive or can damage the rifle. Is this true or...
  5. Best 30-30 ammo?

    I've been using 170 gr Remington Core-Lokt. I only put about 200 rounds through the rifle since I've only had it a little while and there's no close range in Brooklyn, but it shoots as consistent as I let it. I noticed it leaves a decent bit of residue in the barrel, though, which I don't love...
  6. 32-40 "Duke" ammo...can be reloaded?

    I have 2 full boxes of commemorative "Duke" 32-40 ammo and one box that is half shot, but still have the casings. Wanted to know if something like this can be reloaded. I don't want to shoot the commemorative rounds but don't see a problem with shooting reloaded cases of the ones that are...
  7. URGENT ALERT!!!! BATFE To Ban Common AR-15 Ammo

    In a move clearly intended by the Obama Administration to suppress the acquisition, ownership and use of AR-15s and other .223 caliber general purpose rifles, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives unexpectedly announced today that it intends to ban commonplace M855 ball...
  8. Purchasing Bulk 30-30 Win Ammo

    Hello everyone, Recently purchased a Marlin 336A chambered in 30-30 Win; looking for a place online I can buy ammo in bulk (200+ rounds). Pretty new to this, so any help is greatly appreciated. I'm located in CA. Hope this is the right place to post this! If not, my apologies in advance. Thanks.
  9. new remlin 336w owners any good stories?

    Hey everyone, just got a new 336w for Christmas from my fiancee, havn't been able to get out to shoot it yet though :-(. Here's what I'm trying to find out, have you found a certain ammo working for you better than the others? I got a box of winchester super x 170g's and a box of Hornady...
  10. Ideal ammo for Marlin 880SQ .22lr

    Good day everyone! I recently picked up a bull barrel 880SQ however I am not a specialist and this is my first .22lr. Could anyone advice me on the best ammo to use please. I bought lots of different ammo to test the micro grove barrel but got very different results and groupings especially...
  11. Best Over The Counter Ammo - 45 Long Colt

    Cowboy Rifles
    Hi all... y'all probably get this question once a week, but I am looking for consolidated advice on an over-the-counter bullet choice for the Marlin 1894 .45 Cowboy Limited (despite everything being out of stock at the moment). Thanks for the advice in advance. J
  12. Lets get some ammo opinions going for 336 30-30's

    I have been hunting with an old 336 30-30 i got from my Grampa when i was 15. I recently inherited another form my other Grampa when he passed away. I love these rifles and have taken a lot of game with them over the years. Up until recently I never thougth twice abotu the ammo i am runningt...
  13. 308ME factory Ammo and Brass, and bullets.

    The 308 / 338 Marlin Express®
  14. Range report - Hornady ammo 100 yards - scout scope Leatherwood Hi-Lux

    The 45/70 Govt.
    I know I know -- I am gonna start reloading soon and hope to just shoot hard cast; but I just put the scope on this iron and had this ammo thru some other swappin deal/ so you can see RR1 & RR2 - one of the holes in RR1 shows again in RR2 because the little cover dot flew off when I centered...
  15. 30/30 WIN Small Game Ammo

    So I live in Arizona on Fort Huachuca and I want to hunt small game with my 30-30. I have a .22 but I want to let my friend borrow it so we can hunt together. I have seen the following factory ammo: Federal Power-shock 125 grain. Federal Power-Shok Ammo 30-30 Winchester 125 Grain Jacketed...
  16. Marlin XT-22VR

    Has anyone else had experience with the Marlin XT-22VR model? I just got one in online the other week and finally got my 4x scope sighted in and tried some different ammo. I was shooting it at 50 yards and had some really good results with the Remington Eley target (<1in). I shot some...