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  1. Fixing Trigger Creep on Glenfield/Marlin 70

    Hello all, I recently purchased a Glenfield model 70 made in 1978 from a pawn shop for a decent price (about $100). I don't have any major complaints with the gun, it cycles well and hasn't jammed yet. The biggest issue that I have with it is that there is about a centimetre of trigger creep...
  2. New Boyd's SS Evolution and Marlin 795

    Hi ya'll here is my new Marlin 795 with its new clothes. A Simmons 22mag 4x scope and the "NEW" Boyd's SS Evolution stock for the 795. It was a perfect drop in fit. Took all of 3 minutes to install. Fully free floated barrel, fit and finish are exceptional. Would I recommend this to a...