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  1. Family Heirloom 1892 Winchester Lever Action Made 1904

    Guns Of Our Fathers
    This was given to me by my father although its still at his house in Canada, it was aquired in Florida at the ROTC building in Pensacola in a brown type wax paper loaded with packing grease. Paid $19 dollars for it in 1967 or round abouts. I did some looking around and I found S/N: 301041...
  2. Diagram of 60ss Action Assembly

    Hey gang, New here! Bought the gun used for me and my son. I went to do a cleaning on it and saw that the action was mega dirty from previous owner. Did a pry to get to one hard part of the assembly and it pretty much fell apart. None of the pieces went flying, but this bad boy looks quite...
  3. 3rd round won't cycle and new gun owner

    Hi ya'll. New on this forum and new to lever actions so any advice and recommendations are deeply appreciated. So, after much research and contemplation, I finally decided upon a Marlin 336 30-30 and recently, a 1976 followed me home from a local pawn shop. It's in somewhat rough shape...