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  1. Rimfires
    I am new to the forum so I am sorry if this has been asked in other places. I have my fathers model 989 22 semi auto rifle. It is in very good original condition. However, I am missing the magazines. Can someone shoot me some links of where I can buy magazines that will work for the rifle? Any...
  2. Rimfires
    I have a Marlin model 989 M2 .22 rifle with a broken stock. I saved it from the neighbor's trash heap about 25 years ago. Does anyone have a used walnut stock for sale that will fit this model or know of a source for a new one?:questionmark:
  3. Rimfires
    I have an opportunity to buy a Marlin model 989 semiautomatic .22 in very good condition. This is NOT the 989M2 carbine. From my research, less than 25,000 of these were ever produced. Are these rifles desirable for collectors? Are they reliabel? What would be a fair price?
1-3 of 3 Results