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  1. Ammo, Components & Reloading Items
    I am looking to buy 45-70 brass & bullets... bullet molds... Also, looking for the same in 30-30 and 45LC Thanks
  2. 1894
    Ok, just picked up my first Marlin bought sight unseen online. Advertised as Marlin Lever Gun. I could not believe my eyes. It is a 20" inch Cowboy Competition model in 45 Colt. Has case hardened receiver, hammer, lever, trigger. Mint condition, with original box and paperwork. I feel...
    WTB: SA .45 LC Revolver & Rifle, Win Mod 70 12ga for entry into SASS [Cowboy] events Looking toward entering the world of SASS Cowboy Action Shooting. They have specific 'rules for the tools'. I could consider going with the .44 revolver & rifle, but prefer the traditional .45 LC cartridge...
  4. Winchester & Team Winchester
    I have a lead on a 1890-1899 manuf'd. Marlin Model 1889 in .44-40, for about $400-$500. I have 'till 11-11-2013 to make commitment. My wife got to like shooting my Marlin .45-70 w/light target loads. She is now totally bored with the Henry Golden Boy 22LR as it: "...sounds like a pellet gun...