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  1. Springfield Omega 1911 .10mm and XD .45acp Tactical

    Ranger Point Precision
    Hi Friends, As most of you know, we don't "just" build custom leverguns or design and manufacturer lever-action parts. One the parts front, expect to see much more from us in the handguns space beyond the Steyr A1 Pistols parts. To get that started, we have two new Springfield handgun parts...
  2. What is a Marlin 1894 Short Stroke?

    We get lots of questions on this so here's everything that you need to know. In the world of tomorrow, we antiquated humans will no longer have to cycle our antiquated lever guns. A robot will do it for us, and much faster—snickity snack—right before a look of amusement passes across its...
  3. Marlin 1894 Pistol Caliber, Short Stroke Carbine Conversions

    Ranger Point Precision
    While RPP is not the first to successfully convert an 1894 to run auto-pistol cartridges, it would seem we are one of only a handful of custom shops doing so. As the cowboys of the Old West proved, having a rifle and handgun chambered in the same cartridge is super convenient - carry one type...