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  1. NEW: Marlin "Flyweight" Loading Gates

    Ranger Point Precision
    Well gents, I’m in the middle of another hectic R&D push here at RPP. I told you earlier this year in another thread that y’all wouldn’t get much Marlin love this year, because we intended to focus on Steyr handgun parts. I may have misled you. Not intentionally, I just can’t stay away from...
  2. ANother NEWB

    Welcome New Members
    MAin reason for joing the forum is I have been searching for a 1895MXLR for 4 yrs now. I own 3 336's an 1895 gs and a 308 xlr I cannot find the MXLR no matter what I have the bullets casted the brass waiting The dies collecting dust I just need the gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:vollkommenauf:
  3. Looking Back to Last Years Superbowl

    The 450 Marlin®
    It was a year ago tonight that I won my 1895M on Gun Broker. I'll never forget it. I was watching the beautiful 450, time ticking down and couldn't believe nobody was bidding on it. Then it hit me - everyone is watching the Superbowl.:biggrin: Maybe I should head back over to Gun Broker...
  4. 700 Round Big Bore Range Day: I'm wooped but it was Fun!

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Howdy, it was a great day at the range today. I took all my big bores for a full day of trigger finger fun. The only non-Marlins were my judge and 45. A ran just over two hundred rounds of 45/70's through my 1895G and my new-to-me 1895GS. Then I ran just shy of two hundred rounds through the...
  5. Range Surprise!............................

    The 450 Marlin®
    Last weekend my BIL and I went to the Orlando gun show and he walked out with a Remington model 700BDL (stainless) 7MM Rem Mag. He was tickled pink. Well, we went to the range this morning and he setup and started shooting his new rifle. I had built it up so bad that he just knew he was gunna...