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  1. Shooting other peoples' homeloads...

    Several years ago I received some homeloads when I bought a secondhand Marlin 1894 Cowboy LTD. These were .45Colt gallery loads that "shot really well", according to the seller of the gun. He didn't want any money for them and so they were duly signed over. Since they were being shot through the...
  2. Looking for info on this 336-44

    Hello everyone. I'm kinda new on here and from Indiana. I took this 336-44 in on trade and I am looking for some info. I believe it is a 1966 from looking up the serial number. Looks to be in wonderful condition, with the exception of the hile in the buttstock where the swivel was. I think they...
  3. Rossi Puma 92 44 mag octagon barrel-

    Cowboy Rifles
    Has anyone else owned a Puma 92 in 44 Mag? I ask because that was my first of two Lever actions chambered in 44 mag with an octagon barrel. Never heard or new of someone else that has owned one. Just curious what other thought about it.