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  1. All Items Sold
    Sorry for not including price and shipping info on original post, this is a repost for my 444 for sale. Owned the gun for a over a year, personally put about 40 shots through her. She shoots excellent and functions flawlessly. Its a 444 S manufactured in 1981, before the cross block safety was...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I have enjoyed reading the threads of information over the years and figured it is time to join. Been a Marlin owner since 1976 and killed my first buck with my old trusty 336 .35 in the early 80s. Right now I have 2 Marlins..both out of commission. A 336sc .35 with an ugly barrel that needs...
  3. The 444 Marlin
    Quick question, will a "big loop" lever made for a 1895 marlin fit a .444S? Was hoping I could just buy one off brownells and throw it on a 444S without any problems. Thanks!
  4. The 444 Marlin
    Hey everyone, I found a nice looking used .444S for sale online locally. Going to go check it out tomorrow afternoon and possibly pick her up. She's a 22" micro-groove with a wood stock, pistol grip, looks like from the 70's. Dont have a serial number so cant tell for sure when it was made. They...
1-4 of 4 Results