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  1. The 444 Marlin
    Well the PA rifle season is over. I spent most of the two weeks in the ladder stand through rain, snow, sleet, wind, below freezing temps, and temps in the upper 40's. It sure doesn't feel like the deer season when I was a kid and we had snow on the ground for all two weeks and it never got...
  2. Ranger Point Precision
    We’re pleased to reintroduce the Marlin 336 Lever-Action .410 Shotgun, with our own twist. In 2004, Marlin reintroduced a lever-action .410 briefly as homage to the original Model .410 built in 1929 and it was based on the more modern 1895 frame (Fun Fact: These were made in limited edition to...
  3. The 444 Marlin
    So I found this site about a month ago when I traded for a 45-70 Stainless Marlin. Hanging around here reminded me how much I always wanted a model 39A and I will have mine come Saturday, with a Model 60 thrown in to even the trade. Now an opportunity to get a Marlin 444P has presented itself...
1-3 of 8 Results