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  1. Discontinued Lyman M die for 444.... soooo ?

    Ok, so I have read all of the recommendations for using the Lyman M die when loading cast bullets. Low and behold after I get my order from Beartooth Bullets I find out Lyman has discontinued the M die for 444. I've checked every reloading and online shop to try and find one still out there but...
  2. Marlin Followers Offered

    Bear Tooth Mercantile
    On our site we offer both brass and stainless steel followers and people often want to know which is better. The truth is that it is really a matter of personal preference. The two materials produce very similar performance in the application of a magazine follower in a Marlin lever gun. It is...
  3. NEW: Marlin "Flyweight" Loading Gates

    Ranger Point Precision
    Well gents, I’m in the middle of another hectic R&D push here at RPP. I told you earlier this year in another thread that y’all wouldn’t get much Marlin love this year, because we intended to focus on Steyr handgun parts. I may have misled you. Not intentionally, I just can’t stay away from...
  4. 10% off today through Feb 13th. Code: TREATYOURSELF

    Ranger Point Precision
    Hi MOF Friends - As you know, we do not do a ton of specials but the nanny [in the photo] talked me into a Valentine's Special. :cool: Good for all of our performance parts for Marlin Firearms, Henry Repeating Arms, Steyr Arms, and Springfield Armory. This includes some of our best selling...
  5. 444 bolt action

    The 444 Marlin
    I recently went into a big search for a 444 bolt action after missing a very large Ohio buck this past season due to ballistics on my ol' 12 gauge shotgun. After many searches I ran across a custom made gun. I found a Springfield 1903 action with a custom match grade handcut barrel in a 444...
  6. Marlin .410 Shotgun - 444 Full Length Mag Tube Kit - M-LOK Panels

    Ranger Point Precision
    We’re pleased to reintroduce the Marlin 336 Lever-Action .410 Shotgun, with our own twist. In 2004, Marlin reintroduced a lever-action .410 briefly as homage to the original Model .410 built in 1929 and it was based on the more modern 1895 frame (Fun Fact: These were made in limited edition to...
  7. Getting Ready for Range Time Tuesday - 444 Reloading

    The 444 Marlin
    I've been spending way too much time with my Guide Guns lately so I decided to spend some quality range time this next week with the Outfitters. I started looking around for how much ammo I had loaded and decided I better load up sixty more rounds for Tuesday. I don't own a progressive press...
  8. A Warm Thanks to All and a Happy New Year

    Ranger Point Precision
    Folks, it’s been a heck of year here at RPP, and I wanted to close it out by saying thank you to everyone here on the forum. It has been gratifying, both on a personal and business level, to be a part of this great community. I feel like we have a lot of friends here, and your support has been...
  9. 336 carrier rocker

    Hey everyone got a good deal on a JM stamped 336 in .35 Rem. Only problem is the carrier rocker it broke anyone know a good website or selling 336 parts? Also from the research I've done thus far it seems the carrier rocker is the same in the 444 and 1895. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. NEW! RPP RHINO Scope Mount Rails for Marlin Lever Actions

    Ranger Point Precision
    Hi MOF Friends, First off, thanks so much for all of the Marlin big loop lever orders. Our CNC machine hasn't stopped cranking them out for weeks trying to keep up with it all. You all are the best! :congrats: NEW PRODUCT - RPP RHINO RAILS: Precision Machined, Adjustable Rails for Marlin Lever...
  11. Marlin Lever Actions - Customs, Conversions, Parts

    Ranger Point Precision
    We launched a second website - MarlinCustoms. The simple, one-page site will provide a top-level view of various Marlin rifle models along with all of our new custom services and parts. To start, we're featuring content on Marlin Lever Action rifles including: 39A, 336, 444, 1894, 1895, 308MX...
  12. another RPP transformation

    The 444 Marlin
    from "nice gun" to "all weather hunting machine" Thanks to Adam and the Ranger Point Precision team. Can't wait to try it out!
  13. New Member and a New Marlin

    Welcome New Members
    Merry Christmas Eve Everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself, as I am a new member and new Marlin owner from New York state. While home for the holidays I grabbed the gun I had my dad pick up for me at an auction last week. I'm excited to take my brand new (as far as I can tell) 444p out on...
  14. repost- 1981 444S JM stamped Marlin for sale- with extras!

    Sorry for not including price and shipping info on original post, this is a repost for my 444 for sale. Owned the gun for a over a year, personally put about 40 shots through her. She shoots excellent and functions flawlessly. Its a 444 S manufactured in 1981, before the cross block safety was...
  15. .444 H&R misfires

    The 444 Marlin
    I am new to this but I wanted to get the word out about major misfire issues I have with my H&R .444 and seek help. I was hunting Michigan's firearm season last week and I stalked within 15 yards of the biggest buck we have on our property. He stood up, I had him right where he needed to be in...
  16. NEW Big Loop Lever from Ranger Point Precision

    Ranger Point Precision
    We at Ranger Point Precision are excited to announce the availability of our new $139 Marlin Big Loop Lever (Available for pistol grip models 308MX, 336, 338MX, 444, 1895). Our big loop lever was designed to put functionality first, with a strong secondary emphasis on style. What makes our...
  17. I love my Marlin .444! Should I reload my own ammo?

    The 444 Marlin
    So 3 years ago I purchased a Marlin .444 lever action rifle, despite the fact that everyone in my hunting circle tried to talk me out of it because they all hunt with 270's & 30-06's (which are great). I wanted something different then the norm, and I wanted to try something new because I...
  18. .444 loop compatibility

    The 444 Marlin
    Quick question, will a "big loop" lever made for a 1895 marlin fit a .444S? Was hoping I could just buy one off brownells and throw it on a 444S without any problems. Thanks!
  19. Looking at buying my first 444 this weekend . . .

    The 444 Marlin
    Hey everyone, I found a nice looking used .444S for sale online locally. Going to go check it out tomorrow afternoon and possibly pick her up. She's a 22" micro-groove with a wood stock, pistol grip, looks like from the 70's. Dont have a serial number so cant tell for sure when it was made. They...
  20. 700 Round Big Bore Range Day: I'm wooped but it was Fun!

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Howdy, it was a great day at the range today. I took all my big bores for a full day of trigger finger fun. The only non-Marlins were my judge and 45. A ran just over two hundred rounds of 45/70's through my 1895G and my new-to-me 1895GS. Then I ran just shy of two hundred rounds through the...