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44 magnum

  1. Henry steel big boy / skinner express sights

    Skinner Sights
    I found one of the new STEEL FRAME "BIG BOY" Rifles from HENRY REPEATING ARMS at one of the LGS. This is a VERY nice rifle. Wood to metal fit is more than satisfactory, grain and color of wood is nice, checkering very clean and sharp, and the action is silky smooth. (really... almost...
  2. Looking for info on this 336-44

    Hello everyone. I'm kinda new on here and from Indiana. I took this 336-44 in on trade and I am looking for some info. I believe it is a 1966 from looking up the serial number. Looks to be in wonderful condition, with the exception of the hile in the buttstock where the swivel was. I think they...
  3. My first Marlin. Finally

    I found this at the gun (jail) show this weekend. It had to be free. It's my first marlin and first lever gun. I want to eventually use it for SASS, but now it will play at the range and be my camp fire gun. Have not been to the range yet. Quality fit and feel. Missing all the top...
  4. 1894 pre-safety should I buy?

    Welcome New Members
    I'm a potential first time lever gun and Marlin owner. I was at the gun show today. I saw two rifles. first was a 1894 in 44 Mag, pre-safety, born on date was 1982. It's used but in nice enough condition it caught my eye. (given it's age) It sat next to another identical 1894 in 44 mag but...
  5. Finally, Skinner Sights hits the Big Time

    Skinner Sights
    Saw this yesterday and thought I would put it up for all who are considering a set of them to read. It is just my way of helping to show my appreciation for how much I personally love my three pair. The truly are the 3 R's, Rugged, Reliable, and Retarded-proof. I don't remember if I mentioned a...
  6. Proud new owner!

    After my wife got tired of hearing me complain about some of the guns I've sold in the past (hard times from job loss)....including a Marlin 44 mag....she came out and told me to buy one for a combination B-day/Christmas gift!! (got to love her!!) We looked at several guns...but we both wanted...
  7. Question: 44 Magnum versus 45 Colt

    I am wondering if these cartridges are comparable for a reloader? I assume the normal factory ammo for the 45 Colt are tame for historical reasons. When I look at the reloading data for modern firearms, it looks like the 1894 in 45 LC would actually be hotter than the 44 Mag. It looks like...
  8. 1970 1894 .44 Rem Mag in the Family

    Afternoon folks, I hope everyone had a fine Thanksgiving day with family and friends yesterday. My brother-in-law brought "and old lever action rifle" in his words for me to look at that needed some care in his words. He purchased it back in early 1971 and planned to hunt feral pigs in South...