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.44 mag

  1. .44 Mag 1894 SBL Lead Bullet Size

    Hello from England! Pick yourself up off the deck, yes, we can own firearms in the UK! (See below pic for credentials) I have just purchased a .44 1894 SBL, I am after a little advice. I have loaded an amount of: .429 240g Hardcast RNFP 7.5g Unique PPU .44 Mag Brass CCI 300 Primer I have...
  2. NEW VIDEO: .44 RIPSAW Wildcat Cartridge (aka .44 Monster Mag)

    RPP’s first wildcat cartridge, the .44 RIPSAW, made its explosive debut at our test facility this weekend, and staff all returned with RIPSAW lust in their hearts. It’s one thing to look at a gun on paper and speak in the abstract about its performance potential. It’s quite another thing to...
  3. Which Marlin Should I buy?

    I have a choice to buy a Marlin 1894 .44 Mag. brand new for $600 from Dicks Sporting Goods or I can buy a "JM" Marlin 1894s .44 Mag. from a private sale for $750. The Marlin in the private sale is a "JM" stamped Marlin that has just sat in a safe for years, the owner says its from the 1980s, it...
  4. Any T/C Owners?

    I just picked up a Contender in .44 Mag. Our local shooting range has a silhouette range and I remember seeing all the Contender owners out knocking Rams down at distance. Anyone on here use them for hunting? What calibers would you recommend? I am guessing this will be another addiction...
  5. Pistol calibers without pistol grips?

    Why do the pistol calibers not come in a pistol grip option? All the bigger rounds have more pistol grips than straight, or "cowboy" style. The .357 and .44 mag come in one flavor, straight. Then, moving down in size, even the .22 is most often found with a pistol grip. :hmmmm: I read somewhere...
  6. Reloading 1894 .44 mag

    Im reloading for the 1894 in .44 mag I'm using lasercast rnfp 240g and 18gr of alliant 2400 My first problem was I had terrible leading to the point I could not clean the barrel more and more lead just kept coming out. Then I noticed crews from the gun were shaking loose even the from sight of...
  7. Reloading .44 mags

    I'm picking out my equipment to do small volume reloading primarily for my 1894 .44 mag. I need some plinking rounds and Winnie white box at $44/box ain't it. I will likely reload some jacketed hollowpoints but primarily I will use the Dardas .432 lead wadcutters for target/fooling around as...