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  1. need help with a 44-40

    Marlin Collectors
    I inherited a marlin 44-40 and would like a little information about it. Its my favorite rifle except for the fact that I cant find ammo for it. It is a lever action with a 23" octagonal barrel. the tube below falls just short of the end of the barrel. In front of the rear site the roll stamp...
  2. Should I Nickle plate this 1890-1899 manuf'd. Marlin Model 1889 in .44-40, S/N 106xxx

    32-40 38-55/375 & Other Non Standard Caliber
    I have a lead on a 1890-1899 manuf'd. Marlin Model 1889 in .44-40, S/N 106xxx, for about $500-$600. I have 'till 11-11-2013 to make a commitment. My wife got to like shooting my Marlin .45-70 w/light target loads. She is now totally bored with the Henry Golden Boy 22LR [ 2012 Xmas present!] as...
  3. Marlin model 94 44-40 Serial# 396830

    Marlin Collectors
    I recently acquired my fathers old Marlin. He said it was his old ranch rifle when he was spending summers in Montana back in high school in the early 60's. A friend who talked to someone affiliated with Marlin said that it was manufactured sometime between 1920 to 1935. The grey is due to to...