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  1. Ranger Point Precision
    We’re pleased to reintroduce the Marlin 336 Lever-Action .410 Shotgun, with our own twist. In 2004, Marlin reintroduced a lever-action .410 briefly as homage to the original Model .410 built in 1929 and it was based on the more modern 1895 frame (Fun Fact: These were made in limited edition to...
  2. Shotguns
    I just received my new-to-me Marlin model 410 lever and couldn't be happier. I haven't fired it yet but she is a sweetie....... Traded whapmaster for it, he picked up my 1894P (or will when it gets to his FFL next week). Anyway, here are some pics to share. I plan to do some squirrel...
1-2 of 2 Results