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  1. Please don't tell the wife about this one... I found another 1881 Marlin!!

    Marlin Collectors
    Hey guys, just wanted to share my new find here. I have a buddy who is an FFL up in the foothills and he knows I have a bad case of Marlin-itis. I needed to come pick up a modern revolver from him and he messaged me the night before and said "I have that Marlin I've been telling you about...
  2. Reloading 40/60 data & dies

    Hi All, New to the forum. Have a 1889 40/60 that I wish to shoot. I have not been able to purchase ammo. Considering reloading. I have read that available brass can be reformed. Anyone have experience? In researching dies it is unclear which is for the marlin and which is for the winchester...