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  1. Collector's Question on 39s

    Marlin Collectors
    If I wanted to sell: a 1951 Marlin 39A in excellent condition a 1965 Marlin 39M in almost new condition a 1971 Marlin 39D in good condition Would they sell for more, and more quickly, if sold separately or as a package? I'm not saying I would sell them, but if I did, which way would you go...
  2. Christmas of '75: My Dad's Unconditional Love

    The Campfire Tales
    This is the narrative I wrote a couple of years ago about the Christmas that my dad gave me my first gun, my Marlin Golden 39M. Christmas Morning, 1975 December 25, 1975 was a fairly typical Christmas day with my family. Even though I was 14 years old, Christmas still held a special...
  3. Marlin 39M without gold trigger

    I lost 23 firearms in a house fire. I had a Marlin 39M without the gold trigger. My dad purchased the rifle for me sometime around 1979 ish. I cannot find any without the gold trigger and someone told me they made a few of these without the gold trigger. Can someone enlighten me on the history...
  4. 39M Lever Question

    Rimfire Teams and 39A Stickies
    Hi, I'm new here (and new to lever guns, period) and I have a quick question. I recently picked up a 1973 Marlin 39M and it seems that the lever is not positioned/lining up with the stock correctly when closed. Any ideas on what could be the cause of this? Or how I could fix it? I'm guessing...
  5. Trade my 2009 New Haven 39A for a 1971 39M Article II???? Advice Please!

    Hi - I'm new to MO, but not new to firearms forums or Marlin rifles. The .22 I learned to shoot on was my dad's early 70's 39D. When my grandpa passed, I agreed to let my brother someday inherit dad's 39 and in exchange I got my grandpa's 1936 colt detective. Not a terrible trade, but almost...
  6. ORIGINAL GOLDEN-39M with WARNING mfg 1966??

    Just purchased a vintage 39M "mountie" with markings that don't add up. Per Brophy, my S/N AB 26xxx, was mfg in 1966. It has the correct gold trigger, polished straight stock & forearm, and white line spacer/butt plate. Barrel blue matches the receiver. There is normal wear on the sharp...