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  1. Rimfire Teams and 39A Stickies
    New Marlin owner! I'm a proud new owner of a 1983 (or so I think from the serial number) 39A that has never been fired. I picked it up from the original owner, along with a 1999 never been fired 1894cs. I'm a little confused about the markings on the barrel. In gold letters it says "MARLIN...
  2. Rimfire Teams and 39A Stickies
    Hi, I'm new here (and new to lever guns, period) and I have a quick question. I recently picked up a 1973 Marlin 39M and it seems that the lever is not positioned/lining up with the stock correctly when closed. Any ideas on what could be the cause of this? Or how I could fix it? I'm guessing...
  3. Rimfires
    Hello - I just found this forum and signed up. My first good rifle was a Marlin 39A Golden. I bought it in 1966 and it was a couple of years old. I sold it when I needed money while I was in the Navy. In the last year, I've been trying to find a replacement in excellent condition around the same...
1-3 of 3 Results