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  1. 1893 38-55 half octagon rifle, 1893 mfg date

    Marlin Collectors
    Were the half octagon 26 inch barrels special order? Would I assume that all 38-55 cal would be black powder? My neighbor has one for sale, seems very nice condition, what nomenclature should be on the barrel?
  2. What do I have here? - Winchester 1894, 4-digit serial #

    Winchester & Team Winchester
    Not posting because I'm interested in selling, just curious what I have as I don't know much about it. I inherited a rifle that has been in my family for a very long time (there's pictures of my great, great-grandfather holding it anyways.) It is a Model 1894 Winchester in 38-55 with serial...
  3. 38-55 reload dies

    32-40 38-55/375 & Other Non Standard Caliber
    Recently acquired a 336cb in 38-55. Being a novice reloader I have noticed that there are no carbide die sets available for this type of cartridge. Have I missed something or is there a reason. To you experienced hands at this I have two questions. If you could only have one set of 38-55...
  4. New member w/ Marlin 38-55 Model 1893

    Welcome New Members
    Greetings fellow Marlin enthusiasts. I just joined Marlin Owners today and am hoping to learn more about my grand father's Model 1893 38-55 that I recently got from my father. There is no history on the gun but I've been told that it is field worthy and it is in very good condition. I have...
  5. 336C rebored...barrel too thin?

    My project 336 is going along nicely. I am now planning to re-stock using wood from Treebone carving. George at Treebone noted that a cap-type fore end would probably make the rifle group better as it heats up but is unsure about the safety of cutting the barrel dovetail into a barrel that has...
  6. 38-55 20-inch: what gun does it go in?

    32-40 38-55/375 & Other Non Standard Caliber
    I am helping a friend's widow move a number of items he had accumulated over the years. I have three Marlin barrels, one of which is a .38-55, which this thread is all about. Additional information on the barrel: On the left side of the barrel, from the top, are three lines of data...
  7. Hunting for a hyphenated

    32-40 38-55/375 & Other Non Standard Caliber
    I am trying to find a hyphenated but I don't know which one. I need one that can take everything from tin cans, to rabbits,to deer with minor pelt damage on the animals (no huge holes like a 45-70). If I do any hunting, it won't be over 200 yards(most of my shots are within 50 to 100 yards). I...