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  1. Model 36 & Other Square Bolt Levers
    I just picked up a 36A DL, it has a short magazine, I am looking for disassembly instructions. I was able to take it apart ok except for the forearm and magazine. its a 24" barrel with a 14" mag tube. it holds 5+1. any info would be appreciated. the serial number starts D1316x. Thanks AC
  2. 336
    i previously posted about my carrier not moving at all and i didn't think anything was broken until i looked at other carriers and then i noticed the rocker is broken :( its a model 32a 32 special i need a new carrier or a new rocker. brownells discontinued theirs and i cant find sh*t!!! can...
  3. 336
    So i got a model 36a 32 special yesterday, i noticed the carrier does not come up at all on the forward action of the lever???? i took it all apart about 5 times now and nothings broke or doesn't seem to look too worn down. the rocker seem to be moving freely, but i dont get the point of the...
1-3 of 3 Results