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  1. .357- to crimp or not to crimp?

    I've been reloading for the .357 using a variety of powders and bullet heads to find the best combination for accuracy, and one variable I've not investigated properly is the effect of crimping. I use a Lee reloading die, which gives the option of varying the strength of the crimp. Some say...
  2. First year production: 1894c .357

    TEAM 1894
    Greetings all. This is a first post for me and I thought I would take my question to the experts directly. I have dilemma on my hands. I own a first year 1894c in .357. It has been in my family since purchased residing in a safe. I would say it has a <200 round count through it (more like 150)...
  3. Decision time: Marlin 1894 .357 pre-safety, mint or Uberti 1873 .357 mint or Henry

    Cowboy Rifles
    I was at the gun show this afternoon and almost pulled the trigger on the Marlin described above but I'm also considering a new Henry & a used, mint Uberti. The Henry seems like quite a nice rifle for the money and I've heard some negatives about Marlin microgroove rifling in pistol...
  4. FS: Beautiful Marlin 1894c 357 rifle, JM stamp, 2004 year manuf

    Well, its come my turn to thin the herd a bit and here is the first I am going to let go. Absolutely excellent condition in all respects. Metal is super clean, I cannot find any bad spots or scratches on it anywhere. Same with the wood, excellent condition with no bad spots that I can find. But...
  5. 1894css .357mag JM... Is there one out there?

    Hello everyone. My name is Randall and I'm new to the forum. After much consideration I have decided I'd like to be the owner of a Marlin 1894css JM model in .357mag. I've looked persistently online and in local shops but have been unable to locate one for sale. People who own this rifle must...
  6. Marlin 1895 .357 Production Begins

    Out of curiosity, I emailed Marlin and asked when they'd start production on the 1894c .357 Dear Sir, Thank you for contacting Marlin Firearms! This model will be in production throughout January. We should have some available soon to send out to the wholesalers. Our production schedule is...
  7. New guy 1894c

    I"m new to the forum and had some questions about the 1894c in .357 I picked up. Lever guns are a new area for me in the firearms world. Mine has the JM stamp and the first 2 digits are 99. So is that a 2001 production or 2010? Also has anyone done any custom work on theirs? I would like to...
  8. Introducing My New (1980) 1894C in .357 Magnum

    Hi All, I've been lurking here for a while and thought I'd finally introduce my 1980, .357 Magnum 1894C. She's spent most of her life in the safe and just needed to be noticed!
  9. Pistol calibers without pistol grips?

    Why do the pistol calibers not come in a pistol grip option? All the bigger rounds have more pistol grips than straight, or "cowboy" style. The .357 and .44 mag come in one flavor, straight. Then, moving down in size, even the .22 is most often found with a pistol grip. :hmmmm: I read somewhere...
  10. Favorite .357 Factory Ammo for the R92?

    Rossi & Team Rossi
    Favorite .357 Factory Hunting Ammo for the R92? What's your favorite factory ammunition for the Rossi R92 in .357 Magnum? For use on whitetail, coyote, raccoon, oppossum, etc.