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  1. The .357 Mag - The Bruce Lee of Survival Cartridges

    Ranger Point Precision
    No doubt more than enough was written about the first magnum revolver cartridge--the mighty little .357--in the years following its introduction in 1934. The (now) wee beast kicked off a new arms race in handgun cartridges, but it ruled the roost for long enough to cement its place among the...
  2. Introducing the .36 RPP - Big Brother to the .35 REM

    Ranger Point Precision
    Hello again friends, Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t emerged from my rabbit hole much lately. It’s been a busy, busy year, and it’s only speeding up as the fall hunting season looms on the horizon. To that end, my efforts lately have been focused on developing some exciting new...
  3. Marlin Purchase Continues... Feeling Exasperated

    Hey Everyone: Well for some time now, I've been kicking around local gun dealers, looking online and even resorted to calling all my hunting buddies....but I'm having a really hard time finding an acceptable Marlin that is for sale, that wasn't manufactured before the Remington takeover...
  4. weird jam on my 336cs

    I was at the range about 2 weeks ago shooting my .35 i put about 20 rounds through it and convinced myself to throw another 5 through it before i left. (thing is too damn fun to shoot). i load my last 5 rounds drop the lever down and the action jams open without feeding a round all the way into...
  5. New Member inherited 1950s 336C in .35 Remington

    The .35 Remington
    Hey everybody! I just inherited some firearms from my dad - a 336C in .35 Rem and a 39A, both from the 1950s I think. I grew up using these rifles, but I haven't handled them in nearly 20 years. My questions concern the 336C... First, I plan to use this rifle for occasional whitetails but I...