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35 rem factory loads

  1. Remington 150gr 35 Remington Ammo?

    The .35 Remington
    ​Found a store near me with a couple of these boxes in stock. Are they a good round? I heard they were quite explosive and destructive when it comes in contact with bone, is this true? Are they worth buying to try to see if they will even be accurate out of my 1951 336SC? Well, on the...
  2. Obsolete Ammunition Company (35 Rem)

    Hey Everyone, I was at a gun show this weekend looking to stock up on ammo for my 336 in 35 Rem. The going rate of a box at the LGS is around $30+ tax for corelokts or leverevo so I wanted to see if I could beat that at the show. After checking out all the ammo dealers I found a box of 200gr...
  3. Field results for Gummy Tips (LeverEvolution) - care to share?

    OK, they've been out awhile now, and you guys have probably shot a bunch of deer and bear; how's the terminal performance? What's the general consensus? Obviously I can test accuracy in my own gun, but what about in the field terminal results? Can I get some real world feedback? Looking...
  4. 35 factory loads

    I picked up this 35 at a local pawn shop lets say I paid a little more than what I should but I was ready to get is a 72 336. w/ see thru mounts and a japanese 4x40mm Armsport scope havent found any info on the scope, took her out to the woods just to see if she was still on i shot using...