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  1. Custom rifle 338MX or 33WCF ?

    The 308 / 338 Marlin Express®
    I am seeking opinions on a custom build. I have an 1895GST in 45-70 that I want to convert to either 33 WCF or 338MX. Best I can tell is they are pretty close in velocity, but I don't have any concrete data like barrel length to make a comparison. I have looked all over internet and cant...
  2. Reloading for the 338MX...Long Range...

    Hello Gents... I am currently working up loads for my 338mxlr that I have had for several years. My experience with factory 200gr FTX rounds was, well shall we say, inadequate. I put close to 300 factory rounds through the rifle, open sighted, and two scopes later still have the same results...
  3. Marlin Lever Actions - Customs, Conversions, Parts

    Ranger Point Precision
    We launched a second website - MarlinCustoms. The simple, one-page site will provide a top-level view of various Marlin rifle models along with all of our new custom services and parts. To start, we're featuring content on Marlin Lever Action rifles including: 39A, 336, 444, 1894, 1895, 308MX...
  4. Anyone seen or bought the new 338?

    The 308 / 338 Marlin Express®
    Hi Guys, Has anyone seen or bought the new 338mx that was build this year? I just came across a thread where someone in Alberta Canada is selling it 2nd hand and I thought they still need to be shipped..... Thanks
  5. NEW Big Loop Lever from Ranger Point Precision

    Ranger Point Precision
    We at Ranger Point Precision are excited to announce the availability of our new $139 Marlin Big Loop Lever (Available for pistol grip models 308MX, 336, 338MX, 444, 1895). Our big loop lever was designed to put functionality first, with a strong secondary emphasis on style. What makes our...
  6. Marlin 336 vs 1895 vs XLR?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy my first new lever gun for some out of state hunts. I guess the main reason choosing a lever gun is the nostalgia factor but I'm also really interested in the performance of these new marlins and they seem just as capable as any bolt or single shot I've been...
  7. 338MX to Sell

    The 308 / 338 Marlin Express®
    I have a like new in the box 338MX Serial number 91029xxx. It has a "JM" on the barrel. I won it at a charity auction three years ago and put it in the closet. I am not a hunter so I want to sell it. Never fired, never unlocked. As far as I know it was only out of the bag on display at the...
  8. Anxiety washed away with a new 338

    The 308 / 338 Marlin Express®
    After giving up my last 338MX to Remlin, I swore off Marlin.. for a while. Months later, I'm surfing the forum and anxiety strikes me. What if the 338MX is the worlds most perfect lever gun? What if they never start making them again? I did my mental check list and decided with seven boxes of...