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  1. All Items Sold
    Full box of 338 Marlin Express 200-grain FTX. $60.00 including shipping via UPS. You pick up in Tucson, AZ $45.00. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale, followed by a PM to work out the details. 100 NEW 32 Short Colt brass, 50 primed and 50 unprimed plus 100 32 cal heeled bullets...
    $60 USD
  2. The 308 / 338 Marlin Express®
    Hi everyone, I have a 338 mxlr that I purchased brand new I don’t remember when at this point. I recently installed a scope on it and found that I could not get it sighted in due to running out of adjustment, so I did what everyone does and turned to the internet and I found that I have the...
  3. The 308 / 338 Marlin Express®
    I have a like new in the box 338MX Serial number 91029xxx. It has a "JM" on the barrel. I won it at a charity auction three years ago and put it in the closet. I am not a hunter so I want to sell it. Never fired, never unlocked. As far as I know it was only out of the bag on display at the...
1-3 of 3 Results