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  1. 336
    Hello. New to the forums here. I have a 336y and was wondering if i were to buy the full length Forearm from Boyds would it fit on the 336Y? or would i have to have it cut down for it to fit right? i tried contacting them and they said they cannot do custom fitting so thats not an option. any...
  2. 336
    I recently purchased 336Y and have quickly learned to love it. With an over all budget of around $300-$500 (for now), what would you/should I do to make my lil .30-30 a more effective/attractive gun? One that I can be proud to show off but also have the efficiency to back it up? Thanks in...
  3. 336
    I have a Marlin 336y that I bought in the year 2013. From doing some googling searching for a solution, I read that the stock on the older models are different and shorter wood stock with a bigger rubber buttpad than the most recent ones manufactured today. What the stock on my current rifle...
  4. 336
    Hi, I was looking to mount my suppressor on my JM Marlin (1980's) vintage 336 in 30-30. After looking into mounting it to the 20" 336, the overall length will be a little long. I have pretty much decided that cutting or even threading a good shooting JM Marlin down to a 16" barrel is just...
    This is a brand new 336Y stock. I am looking to trade even for a 336C stock. My stock is Walnut, not laminate and brand new.
1-5 of 5 Results