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  1. 336
    I have a marlin 336y and was hunting and the front sight came off the gun and I can’t seem to find any information of what measurements I need to order a fiber optic one for a 336y
  2. 336
    I’ve been wanting a Marlin ever since I saw one in a movie. Found this 336y in gunsmiths shop by chance. SN starts with 16 so... 1984 right? I tried bargaining with the man but he wouldn’t budge on the price... curious as what would you guys pay for this.
  3. 336
    When I use the receiver and forearm to scale the pictures on, the stock on the 336BL is notably shorter than the one on the 336 Deluxe (both have capped forearms for easy comparison.) In fact, scaling a 336Y to match (harder to do without a listing on their website), it...
  4. 336
    After a failed day at the range yesterday due to a loading gate caused jam we finally fixed the loading gate with the help of many kind folks here. We headed back out to the range today for my son’s first shot. I took the first couple of shots to make sure all was in working and to get the...
1-4 of 4 Results