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  1. Scope suggestions

    I finally found a no-drill scope mounting option for my 336SC (I was losing hope in finding one). The rail fits into the dovetail slot and I'm excited to get a scope on there. That being said, does anyone recommend a decent, budget-minded scope? I was looking into scout scopes, which as I...
  2. E - Prefix siblings

    I have had a 1948 E-Prefix 336SC in 30-30 for a while now and darn if LGS had its sibling in a rack today. Well that would be enough to make one of us lose sleep if we knew our sibling was in a rack in a strange place, so it had to come home with me. 1948 E-Prefix 336RC in 30-30. Both unmolested...
  3. Buckhorn Iron Sights on 1951 Marlin 336SC

    Marlin Collectors
    I bought a 1951 Marlin 336SC and I'm trying to figure out if this is a factory sight or an add-on. It doesn't have your standard elevation slide. It looks like a standard sight but when you look at the front it has a tiny screw to undue and lift up the bottom of the sight. I was curious if this...
  4. New to me 1948 336SC

    Local gun show this weekend. There was a decent supply of used Marlin's. A bunch of '70's and '80's 336's of generic variety for $375, 1 guide gun in 45-70 at going price, 1 - 35Rem, and a few old 32 special A's at collector prices, but this one had to come home with me. E pre-fix making it...
  5. Need Help Replacing Original Sights - 336SC .32 Special

    I have my dad's Marlin 336SC in .32 Special with K (1953) serial number. He put a scope on it more than 30 years ago and I would like to restore the original iron sights. However, The parts I have from his parts box don't quite seem right. The rest of this question is split into rear and...
  6. Picked up a new to me 336SC

    I picked up a 336SC .35 Rem yesterday, Serial Number is GXXX, It is excellent condition. Did some research found that the year of manufacture was 1950, and that was the year they introduced the .35 Rem in the 336. Also had an original Marlin sling. It has been fired a couple of times, but has...
  7. 1952 336sc... Advice?

    Marlin Collectors
    Hi folks! The back story: I am working on acquiring a 1952 Marlin 336sc in 30-30 to refurbish and in the process of doing some research stumbled in to this site and thought joining up and asking some advice might be helpful. Pros: Low price ($75.00-$100.00 CDN range) negotiations not...