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    I'm a college kid, and I got my first gun as a present a year ago. It's a 336W that I've modified and made pretty cool (XS rail, scope, ect.). I've been learning about Marlins ever since. The other day my Grandpa was talking to my and said he had an old gun in 30-30 that he's used once or twice...
  2. 336
    Hello guys. I'm new to rifles, I'm looking to add a picatinny rail to this or some sort of mount so that I can add a scope. Is there a certain type of mount that you guys have found to be "better" than other mounts? Im going to getting a 3x-9x optic. Thank you
    Optics and All Gun Sights: Leupold STD Scope Mounts Condition/Extras: Good Price: listed individually below Shipping: included if in the lower 48 The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale. Leupold STD Marlin 336R 1-pc Scope Mount - Gloss - $20 Leupold STD Marlin 336R 1-pc Scope Mount...
  4. 336
    Today I bought a 30-30 to go with my 77’ 39a golden I’ve had since Jr High. It has a few dings on the stock but overall Im happy with it.
  5. 336
    don't be jealous..... zeroed that baby for the top rail... marlin dark baby
  6. 336
    I just bought a nice looking 336C in 30-30 used with Skinner rear sight installed (SN of the rifle indicates a 2018 manufacture date). I have not gotten a chance to shoot it yet but I have been trying to cycle it with 4 "A-Zoom 30-30 snap caps" unsuccessfully. My problem appears to be that...
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    Marlin 336A
  8. Welcome New Members
    Hello All, I am up here in Vancouver BC and since COVID-19 started I have had more time to obsess about hunting and fishing while not going anywhere. What is worse is that I am a registered nurse working with the sick patients so I have to be extra careful. Anyway, to cut to the chase, my...
  9. 336
    A new 336ss lists for over $800 new, and a new stainless 1894 lists for over $1,200 on the marlin website... Does anyone know why the 1894 is so much more expensive than the 336? Thanks!
  10. 336
    Today, we announced two new flyweight mag tube options for Marlin 336 rifles in all calibers. Flyweight aircraft grade aluminum, forearm length shorty button mag tubes and full length magazine tubes. Less weight and better performance. Are you a shorty or a full length mag tube guy? 1. Marlin...
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    I own a Marlin 1893 in need of a full cleaning. I am also looking at a new Model 336W. Any advise on either is always welcomed. Thanks in advance!
  12. Welcome New Members
    Hi everyone new member here I have a few Marlins currently putting together a 336 in 30-30ai in my attempt to build the perfect truck gun
    SPF - Marlin Zane Grey Century (Model 336) - 30-30 Cal. Pre-owned Marlin Zane Grey Century. Serial: Circa 1972 Caliber: 30-30 Winchester Barrel: 21” octagon, with brass bead front sight. Stock: Walnut with brass fore-stock cap and brass crescent butt plate...
  14. Bear Tooth Mercantile
    On our site we offer both brass and stainless steel followers and people often want to know which is better. The truth is that it is really a matter of personal preference. The two materials produce very similar performance in the application of a magazine follower in a Marlin lever gun. It is...
  15. Ranger Point Precision
    For accuracy afficionados and fans of Cooper’s scout concept, RPP now offers its new Barrel Anchored Scout (BAS) rail. As always, Ranger Point’s goal was to push the state of the art forward. In this case, that meant literally pushing the whole rail forward. Other scout rails can rob your...
  16. Welcome New Members
    Hello from the NC Foothills. I decided this year I'm gonna hunt with a 30-30 lever action. So I picked up 2 used Marlin 30as rifles, both good deals. They are a 1988 and 1989 model. One for hunting and one for plinking. Also once the lever gun bug bites, it's hard to shake lol.:biggrin::biggrin:
  17. 336
    I’ve been considering a 336SS for an all-weather hunting rifle and finally found one at a LGS today to inspect. Wood to metal fit was very good for both the stock and forend. The forend was fatter than necessary where it met the receiver, but not a deal breaker. Checkering looked and felt...
  18. Ranger Point Precision
    Well gents, I’m in the middle of another hectic R&D push here at RPP. I told you earlier this year in another thread that y’all wouldn’t get much Marlin love this year, because we intended to focus on Steyr handgun parts. I may have misled you. Not intentionally, I just can’t stay away from...
  19. 336
    I absolutely refuse to tap into an unmolested waffle top, but I also want a scope as an option. That being said I bought a mounting rail that slides into the dovetail slot to mount a scout scope. A small aluminum block slides into the dovetail slot, and the rail screws on top, with the rear of...
  20. 336
    Marlin started using Microgroove rifling in the early 50's and before that they used Ballard rifling. As I understand the Microgroove was cheaper and easier to manufacture, plus it made the rifles more accurate. Ballard rifling featured fewer grooves but they were more deeply cut into the...