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336 r.c

  1. 35REM Newbie Asks for help creating Plinking/target rnds

    Howdy Everyone, I am pretty surprised by it myself, but I seem to have recently become a lever addict! In the last 3 months I've added two 1892s in 357 (winchester/miroku & Rossi), a Henry Big Boy 357, a browning BL22, a Winchester 9422 XTR, and last but not least a 1966 336RC in 35 REM. I...
  2. Buttstock Screw stuck!

    Hello all! So I am new to the forum and new to shooting in general and already I have a problem! Here it goes; I inherited a Marlin 336 R.C 30-30 1955 from my grandfather (something I always had my eye on) and before taking it to the range I figured I had better give it a thorough cleaning. I...