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  1. 336
    Just got a 336 transferred to me that I bought online. It has S/N 2000XXXX making it a 1980 model. It has no cross bolt safety. ] The barrel has markings "THE MARLIN FIREARMS CO. NORTH HAVEN CONN., USA EST. 1870-MICRO-GROOVE BARREL-MOD.336 CAL.30-30 WIN". I am needing to buy a couple...
  2. 336
    Hello fellow 336 owners. I need help identifying my rifle. I know it is a real Marlin because it has the JM stamped on the right side of the barrel just above the receiver. The serial number is located under the level loop, on the underside of the stock neck,, and it says P16034. Can anyone...
1-2 of 2 Results