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  1. 336
    Hi everyone! I recently installed a Skinner Express sight on my 1965 rifle and a dovetail blank. I researched quite a bit and decided Skinner was the way to go. I'm excited to get out and give it a try, knowing full well that the front bead sight may need to go. Because I may use this gun for...
  2. 336
    Evening everybody, I just wanted to share a few photos of this old 44 sporting a couple new pieces. After a lot of research I decided on a Skinner Express receiver sight. I know others are easier to adjust, but I liked the simple design, the fact it is steel not aluminum, and how it complimented...
  3. Team 336-44 magnum
    I have a Marlin 336 .44 Magnum with an AA (1965) date. From the research I've done this may be a rare gun. My 336 .44 magnum has the straight stock, brass saddle ring and gold trigger. From what I've read the barrel stamp should indicate 336 Texan .44 Magnum for a 1965 gun. The stamp does not...
1-3 of 3 Results