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  1. 336
    I’m trying to decide between a waffle top 336 SC in 32 WS and a 1966 336 RC in 35 Rem. Both are similar in condition and price. In all honesty, I’m looking at these as an investment and will probably sell them sometime down the road. I’d like some opinions from you Marlin aficionados as to which...
  2. 159118F9-0121-49A8-84B2-E7089DEFAB62.jpeg

    1949 marlin 336SC .32 Special
  3. 336
    i previously posted about my carrier not moving at all and i didn't think anything was broken until i looked at other carriers and then i noticed the rocker is broken :( its a model 32a 32 special i need a new carrier or a new rocker. brownells discontinued theirs and i cant find sh*t!!! can...
  4. 336
    So i got a model 36a 32 special yesterday, i noticed the carrier does not come up at all on the forward action of the lever???? i took it all apart about 5 times now and nothings broke or doesn't seem to look too worn down. the rocker seem to be moving freely, but i dont get the point of the...
  5. 336
    Thought i was getting a 30-30, but when i looked later i think it is a 36rc 32 special. Is it bad that i got this over a 30-30? The serial # is 91xx and there is no letter next to it. How can i find out what year it was made? When i put it in the serial look up it says it was made in 1800s...
1-5 of 5 Results