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  1. H&R/NEF Collectors
    Hi everyone, This gun was all in pieces in the basement and I decided that I want to reassemble and re blue it for my dad for Christmas. One small problem though. I have absolutely no idea what kind of top break it is. I know that it is a .32 and it is a 6 shot. Also on the side of the barrel it...
  2. 336
    I have my dad's Marlin 336SC in .32 Special with K (1953) serial number. He put a scope on it more than 30 years ago and I would like to restore the original iron sights. However, The parts I have from his parts box don't quite seem right. The rest of this question is split into rear and...
  3. 336
    Thought i was getting a 30-30, but when i looked later i think it is a 36rc 32 special. Is it bad that i got this over a 30-30? The serial # is 91xx and there is no letter next to it. How can i find out what year it was made? When i put it in the serial look up it says it was made in 1800s...
1-3 of 4 Results