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  1. Welcome New Members
    Inherited a few rifles to find out that one of them is a Marlin Lever Action. Serial number puts it as date of manufacture 1890. 32-20 stamped on the barrel- Marlin Safety on top of the receptacle. Seems to be in great shape. I know it has been hanging on a wall for the last 55 years. Don't...
  2. Marlin Collectors
    Just added a model 27 in 32-20 to the herd. Pre Safety about midway through the production, #37xx. Waiting on firing pin and mainspring. The latter, mainspring appears to have been homemade, nothing wrong with that if you do the job correctly. It's twice the thickness of the original which...
  3. 32-40 38-55/375 & Other Non Standard Caliber
    I have had the hypenated bug for a while and I am lookin at the 32-20 in a handgun. Elmer Keith and Skeeter Skelton both loved them,but some say you should stay with a 38 special, because a 32-20 is "outdated and obsolete". I am considering getting one,but I have heard handloading is very...
  4. Handguns
    Do any of y'all know where you can get a revolver in 32-20 or 327. I can't find any anywhere
  5. Marlin Collectors
    I love to shoot old guns. Here is a Marlin 1888 in 32-20. Plinking at 25 yards.
1-5 of 6 Results