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  1. 336
    Does anyone know what the factory installed height above the barrel is for the front sight on a Marlin 30 AW?
  2. 336
    Well, I bought a Marlin 336RC in 35 Remington off C-List for $240. I liked it, so I came here to research a bit more. It turned out to be from about '58 or '59 and is a great shooter. "Buy Another One" - "Buy Another One" - "Buy Another One" was all I kept seeing posted. Well, dang. I...
  3. 336
    First of hello and I am loving this forum! I got infected by lever action Marlins a few years ago by My step Dad. I bought my first Marlin about six months ago and it was a really nice 336cs 30-30. I traded it off this week for a mini 14. I was so depressed I went and replaced it with 3 more so...
  4. Cowboy Rifles
    Hey everyone, i recently aquired a 30AW for $400 in colorado from a gunbroker. Serial number indicates it was manufactured in 1994. Anyways, its a great gun shoots like a champ. Just one things weird about it. The hammer on it unlike the newer 336's has a horizontal rather than straight hammer...
1-4 of 4 Results