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  1. 336
    Hello guys. I'm new to rifles, I'm looking to add a picatinny rail to this or some sort of mount so that I can add a scope. Is there a certain type of mount that you guys have found to be "better" than other mounts? Im going to getting a 3x-9x optic. Thank you
  2. 336
    Hey guys! I'm sure this question has been asked a couple thousand times and I'm sorry but I gotta do it. I just got handed down a Marlin. I found on the barrel that it has a 336RC but I'm trying to find a year that it was made. (I'm sorry I dont know the parts of the gun) behind where the...
  3. 336
    I recently purchased a 336w at academy, i was wondering if i could have a fiber optic front with the hood. I found a website (Wide Scan Sight Hood ? Blued Cutaway « that sells hoods with the top cut away where sun can hit the fiber optic front. Does anyone know a front...
  4. 336
    Hello All, this is my first Marlin and my first lever action rifle. I have always wanted one, but for some reason, I stuck with tactical gear (military and law enforcement). Anyways, I had some Scheels gift cards and decided to finally pick up a 336c 30-30. I'm recovering from a total...
1-4 of 4 Results