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  1. TEAMS 30-30, 32
    I have no idea what the graduations on my rear sight are. Its a '62 30-30 RC. I'm no marksman but i would like to know what the graduations are, I have it on the 2nd bar, i was shooting at ~75yrds and it seemed to be on. Should I just upgrade them to something new, or get used to them. or should...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Good morning. New to Marlin formula. I recently picked up a 1957 336 30 30..about 80% grade. Bluing looks decent. No pitting. A tad surface rust at end of barrel. Sight screws missing. Some one installed fiber optic sights on it...those coming off ASAP. The same day I had a friend offer to sell...
  3. All Items Sold
    Firearm model / DOM if known: Marlin 30-30 336 RC - E 24XX6 1948 - SOLD Price: 30-30 $900 Shipping / FFL terms: Will ship with invoice via Paypal (prepaid) + 3.5% for Paypal Fees + Shipping $40 (insured) per gun - Sale is final, No returns (so look, study, ask) - Shipping from individual...
1-3 of 3 Results