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  1. Walmart ammo on clearance...

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    Check your local Walmart if you haven't recently. Went by my store tonight just killing time and saw that most of the ammunition was on clearance. .270/7mm rem mag/.30-06/.308/.243/.25-06 & .30/30. Ended up getting about 160 rounds of .30/30 in the Federal Fusion 150gr, Winchester Deer Season XP...
  2. Help a tender foot out

    I recently purchased 336Y and have quickly learned to love it. With an over all budget of around $300-$500 (for now), what would you/should I do to make my lil .30-30 a more effective/attractive gun? One that I can be proud to show off but also have the efficiency to back it up? Thanks in...
  3. NEW Marlin 336C vs Henry .30-30

    First post here, so I hope I'm in the right place. Only firearm I own is a Remington 770 in 30-06 (purchased in 2010), but have military experience, so have fired a variety of firearms and rounds, but no expert by any means. After a couple years, I realize a 30-06 is a little OP for CA...
  4. New Member, first post

    Welcome New Members
    Hello. I've been a Marlin owner since I was 12 years old. Some 30+ yrs now, I wonder where all that time went? My first Marlin is a 30-30 that has "Glennfield Arms" or similar stamped on it.(not looking at it right now). I just recently purchased a .308MX and now I'm a little curious about...
  5. My newly acquired 1968 Marlin 336RC .30-30 - Picture heavy

    So last weekend, while browsing through a newly opened sporting goods store in the area, I saw this old fella sitting in the rack. Having a soft spot for 336s, I picked it up right away to see what kind of condition it was in. The bore seemed fine, and from what I could see in the store, the...
  6. new from louisiana

    Welcome New Members
    I'm new from louisiana i have a m60 tube fed soon to be converted to a carbine. I also own a variation of other marlin .22's as well as two limited .30-.30's
  7. Hello from New Mexico

    Welcome New Members
    Hello all! I'm new to the site. Coming to you from Taos, NM. I own a Marlin 336W .30-30. Looking for some useful tips and info in gun care, maintenance and upgrades and what not.
  8. Loading Problems: 30AS in .30-30

    Greetings, I am new here so I will appologize if this has been covered before. I have a used .30-30 model 30AS. I have not hunted with this rifle, but have only shot it at the target range, loading one round at a time through the ejection port (range rules). I have never loaded it through the...