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  1. Marlin 25-20 Mfg. 1900 half octagon (Looking for info or knowledge)

    Marlin Collectors
    Wanting learn a few things about my rifle. If you have a 25-20 what loads do you shoot and such? The bore on my 25-20 is very clean and crisp. Wanting to see what some of you thought a ballpark value range would be. Very hard to find the half octagon barrel. I've read as much as I can as well...
  2. 1904 25-20 Pump looking for more info

    Marlin Collectors
    Good evening, I am posting here to hopefully learn a bit more about a gun I got yesterday. From what I can tell the latest patent date on the barrel is 1904. Also engraved on the barrel is the Marlin Address, 25-20 M, and Special Smokeless Steel. I would first like to know general information...
  3. Model 27 value I need help

    Marlin Collectors
    I have a Model 27 in 25-20. There's no doubt it is the nicest one I have seen EVER. I'm not an expert but this one is very good. The wood is original and very good with a few minor dings from being stored. The barrel has a few minor dings from storage. NO RUST, no pitting. I have no idea of the...